What I Learned From John Maxwell – 4

John Maxwell Team

This is the 4th and final post about what I learned from John Maxwell in Orlando the last week in February.  There is just so much information and to be able to keep it all distilled in useable form is an art!

HOPEFULLY – you can easily pick out some truly golden treasures and apply to you life…Which ones resonate with you?

  • It is impossible to have excellence without talent.
  • Bring people around you that believe in exceeding expectations.
  • Partnering with others compounds your influence.
  • You are never going to be excellent in your weaknesses – no matter how hard you work on them.
  • Make the One who gave you your gifts and abilities proud.
  • Character Matters: Be bigger on the inside than you are on the outside.
  • People Matter:  Follow the Golden Rule.
  • Perspective Matters: Value Humility above all other virtues.
  • Attitude Matters: Travel the High Road of life.
  • Passion Matters: Teach only what you believe.

Which ones of these speak to you?

What I Learned From John Maxwell – 3

John Maxwell

This is the third post about what I learned the last week of February in Orlando from John Maxwell.

We must take action on what we learn – implement ideas – form new habits.  Which little nuggets of gold below hit you?

  • You don’t want to be good sometimes – you want to be good ALL the time!
  • You have to set your own standards.
  • Expect more from yourself than what others expect from you.
  • Love where you are right now.
  • Wherever you are right now is where you should be.
  • Refuse to live off of your past.
  • Respect must be EARNED daily.
  • If you want to get better – ask for feedback…all the time!  Feedback is the catalyst for teaching.
  • You see yourself through your intentions.  Others see you through your actions.
  • Only travel the HIGH Road!
  • Don’t take advantage of another person – even if you can!
  • It is impossible to offer excuses and still exceed expectations.
  • Give 100% at key times during the day.  It is impossible to be at 100% the entire day.  Pick your sweet spots.
  • Focusing is the single-most important skill in excellence.  Be tenacious about staying there!

As I like to say often:

What is God saying?

And what are you going to do about it?

What I Learned From John Maxwell – 2

John Maxwell

I spent the last week of February in Orlando finalizing my coaching/speaking/training certifications with The John Maxwell Team.  Tons of learning the transpired – BUT – the key is to latch on to some of the information and APPLY…which ones resonate with you?

  • Add value and exceed expectations.
  • Culture: It’s what’s most important in a company.  Beats VISION 10:1
  • Transformational movements start with a transformational leader.
  • People follow examples and what they see.
  • If you are good – you don’t need a TITLE.  If you are bad…a title won’t help you!
  • We see other people through the lens of our life.
  • When you don’t value people, you will manipulate them.
  • INVEST in yourself.  If you don’t bet on yourself, why should anybody else bet on you?
  • Develop your strengths not your weaknesses.
  • Make everyday count.  Live intentionally.
  • Lead your life – don’t accept your life.
  • The biggest gap between successful people and unsuccessful people is the way they think.
  • Questions are the key that unlocks opportunity.  Learn to ask the right questions.
  • Experience is not the best teacher – Evaluated experience is the best teacher.

What I Learned From John Maxwell – 1

John Maxwell

I just spent the last week of February in Orlando finalizing my Professional Coaching/Speaking/Training Certification with The John Maxwell Team.

I have summarized some of what I learned below.  (I may write in more depth later on about some of these, so stay tuned!)

  • Always start with big thoughts and then shrink them down from there.
  • People around you make you better if you are around the RIGHT people.
  • When John Maxwell first wrote the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – the publisher wanted him to update it 10 years later.  He updated it and could not believe how much he had grown in the 10 years as many of the things he wrote about he updated and revised to his new growth level.
  • Growing people are always dissatisfied with yesterday.
  • The greatest detriment to tomorrow’s success is today’s success.
  • If I make the right decision today – the right answer will be there tomorrow.
  • Make everyday a masterpiece.
  • You are never good the first time.
  • Goal setters become satisfied.  Growth setters are never satisfied.
  • You will knock down goals accidentally being a growth setter.
  • You can train a person to be a leader.
  • Be a hope pusher – give people real hope – they can change, learn, and be a leader.
  • The weaker person always controls the relationship because the stronger person sees the big picture and can adjust.
  • Don’t be a one hit wonder.

Which ones of these resonate with you?

What did I learn

Reinvent Yourself

I am dating myself, but the masters of this were Madonna….and Cher.  (I thought Prince would also be one of those people, but…thankfully, he wasn’t and just disappeared after he tried to be “The Artist formerly known as Prince”!)

Both Madonna and Cher would continue over a long career to reinvent themselves and that is what kept them relevant in an industry where people and acts have very short careers at the forefront of the public eye…like Justin Bieber, or the boy bands.

Reinvent Yourself

OH – so you are not Madonna and not in a boy band?

GOOD – whew!  So glad to hear that!

BUT…..you are you and if you own your own business, are in sales & marketing, lead a group, or have a family – YOU need to keep reinventing yourself.

Staying relevant is a must in order to stay on the cutting edge of leadership and for people to keep trusting and believing in you.

SEVEN KEYS why you need to re-evaluate where you are and where you can make changes:

  1. People are getting used to you.  The familiarity people have with you will eventually be your downfall…(YES – I  know…relationships are key – but that is a little different).  When people begin to feel that comfort level with you – the excitement and “mysteriousness” of you wears off and you lose a little “punch” in your relationship with them.
  2. You are in a rut.  Be honest now…we ALL get in ruts: in the way we dress, the way we do our hair (or, in my case – the lack thereof), our facial hair, our eyeglasses, etc.  Guys – change your facial hair – either grow some or shave it off (make a major change with it) – and NOTICE that people will actually look at you differently!  Ladies – change your hair color…and people will notice.  Now a lot of the time, people may not actually KNOW what is different about you, but they are thinking, “Man, Joe looks different…clean, fresh, bright…I can’t actually pinpoint it, but he looks, good today!”.  Change it up and gain a fresh glow.
  3. Changes show you have confidence.  People seem to respect those who show a higher level of self-confidence.  They attract people to them.  A certain charisma is associated with people who don’t remain the same from year to year.
  4. Little changes in direction keep you on the right course over the long run.  This means that you have to have a big picture plan for yourself.  You have to have a crystal clear picture of where you are going.  Just like a ship has a final destination, very small changes in its course can land it miles from its final destination.  You have to have times where you do self-evaluation to be able to determine where you currently are and make necessary changes to keep you on course to make your final goal a reality.
  5. You should be changing.  You should be growing personally.  With this growth, changes are inevitable and should be incorporated in to your persona and daily life.  If you are growing, YOU WILL NOT BE THE SAME PERSON YOU WERE LAST YEAR.  If you are not changing, you are going backwards and not growing.  Do not be afraid to make the jump.


Questions you should ask yourself:

  • Am I growing personally?  My favorite author is John Maxwell.  He is a HUGE proponent of personal growth.  You NEED to have a plan for your personal growth.  You need to have this plan written down.  THINK about it…intentionally execute this plan…every day!  See my Previous Post:  Rock Your Personal Growth Plan.
    • BONUS:  Growth setters will never be satisfied!  Why?  Because we can and always have more growth available – we will never “arrive”.
      • Goal setters – become satisfied.  Let that soak in…
  • Are my closest friends growing?  If those you spend the most time with are not growing, they are holding you back.  (This can and should include your spouse, if you have one.)  Some success motivators will advise you to either dump them or quit spending so much time with those people.  I, on the other hand, seem to view this a little more graciously, and would suggest that you should be an intentional catalyst in their life to help them grow – mentor them along.  Be an example.  BUT – pursue other new relationships with those that have a passion for personal growth and can help be a catalyst for you.
  • Do I have a master plan for where I want to be next year?  In 5 years?  In 10 years?  Remember the ship analogy…you NEED to know where you are going.  What are your main goals?  What do you want to accomplish?  You should have short term goals and long term goals.
  • Do I regularly review myself?  This could be as simple as daily review of your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals.  If you do not regularly think about where you are and plan, you will go nowhere.  You will be in the same place you are now a year from now.
  • Do I think about what kind of person I want to be?  I call this “personal planning”.  As you consider your master plan, what type of person will you be?  Do you imagine what type of person you want to be?  I don’t care who you are or what you do, we all have those areas in our personal life that we really want to change and improve upon.  You need to have a plan for making those changes, too.

Reinvent Yourself


The KEY to all of this is realizing that we do not need to make massive changes all at once.  The thing that you need to realize is that slow consistency in executing your plan for personal growth over time produces lasting change!   Click to Tweet This!

What I need from you:

  1. SIT DOWN right now and start writing down your answers to the questions above.
  2. Read: Rock Your Personal Growth Plan

3 QUICK Tips on How to Get Out of a RUT


Successful people have GREAT habits that they do everyday.  Sometimes we get lazy and need to change.  Here are three ideas to help propel you back on a successful road:


  1. WHY – why do you want to change?  (If you don’t know your “why” – if it is not strong enough – your change(s) won’t last.  You have to want to change bad enough – the pain of not changing has to be great enough to make you want to move out.)
  2. WHAT – what are you going to change?  (If you can JUST focus on ONE thing at a time your chances of succes are MUCH greater!)  Write down your top 3 things you want to change and then work on the EASIEST one first – that way you can create some success and momentum.
  3. HOW – get in your mind the route you are going to take.  WRITE it down.  KEEP it in front of you.  GO for it!

 Personal Growth

I love to hear your stories….

4.25 Ideas on Perfecting Your Leadership Style

Perfecting Your Leadership Style

Follow the Leader?

Do you lead your own company?

Do you lead a work group?

Do you lead a church group?

Bottom line is most of us lead in some capacity in our lives.

How does your Leadership Style affect your leadership efforts?

John C. Maxwell is THE Leadership Guru and has written numerous books about Leadership and Leadership Styles.  What I am sharing here is a “ground level” view of how your style may affect your success as a Leader.


You are going to need some information about yourself.

You NEED to know YOURSELF.

Do you know your strengths?

Do you know your weaknesses?

I get mixed answers when I ask people – “Which do you know better? Your Strengths? Or, your weaknesses?”

What we are going to talk about below is going to allow you to help bring some clarity to your leadership style and hopefully launch you in to some HONEST self-evaluation as to how you are perceived among those you lead.  This will allow you to start to see some of your strengths and weaknesses.

FIRST: Who do you have in your inner circle that is honest with you and can give you honest evaluation as to how you are perceived?  Do you have people that are close to you who do not have any skin in your game that can honestly tell you without fear of backlash from you if they tell you the truth?

Can they honestly tell you what they think your strengths are?

Can they even MORE honestly tell you what they think your weaknesses are?

Any quality in the world

If there is any quality in the world that I would wish for you, it would be that you would see yourself as others see you.  Click to Tweet

LEADERSHIP STYLE:   Hakuna Matada – (aka: laid back)

  • Advantages:  Very follower friendly.  Allows those on your team to be themselves and mostly do their own thing.
  • Disadvantages:  Does not push your team to new horizons as fast as other styles.
  • GREAT FOR:  Non-profit/volunteer groups where you do not have any organizational authority.

LEADERSHIP STYLE:  Helicopter (aka: micro-manager)

  • Advantages:  Makes sure everyone is on the same page doing things EXACTLY the way you want it to be done.
  • Disadvantages:  This style suppresses the development of aspiring leaders that are following you.
  • GREAT FOR:  Highly intense arenas – Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, was a very well-known micro-manager.

LEADERSHIP STYLE:  Ramrod (aka: jerk)

  • Advantages:  Appears to be on the fast track.  Projects that need to proceed quickly.
  • Disadvantages:  Loss of followers and loss of enthusiasm of your team.
  • GREAT FOR:  Some organizations that have to get products/services to market FAST to have a competitive advantage.

LEADERSHIP STYLE:  Scatterbrain (aka: ditzy)

  • Advantages:  Pursues many avenues – multi-tasks.  Can quickly evaluate multiple paths.  Creatives are very good at this.
  • Disadvantages:  Goals are not reached in a timely manner; very disorganized.  May not have a Big Picture view.
  • GREAT FOR:  Product development and design teams.

So where do you fit?

Sit down in a quite space and reflect.

Ask those in your inner circle who can be painfully honest with you who they see you as.

Make changes.  Have Success.

So which one(s) are you?

Share your thoughts with me below…